UFC’s Chris Weidman: I was extremely bullied, hospitalized as child

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Chris Weidman made headlines this year when he beat Anderson Silva and became the UFC middleweight champion but in a new interview filmed by Bobby Razak the fighter revealed that he may have overcome his biggest challenges long ago, as a child.

“I was severely bullied,” Weidman said.

“I didn’t really even think about it as bullying up until a year or two ago when I gave an anti bullying speech, and I realized holy crap I was really badly bullied.”

The wrestler’s brother, a neighborhood tough, was often the one bullying Weidman.

“I grew up in a decently tough neighborhood,” he explained.

“My brother definitely had a history of beating me up and abusing me…I grew up getting bullied and fighting a lot. My brother was probably one of the toughest kids from my neighborhood and he didn’t make it easy on me. He made sure I was getting beat up as much as possible growing up. If he wasn’t beating me up, he was making his friends beat me up. He threw a 10 pound weight on my head because I wouldn’t get him a cookie. [It] split plit my forehead open pretty good.”

Despite the trauma, Weidman says he was grateful for the adversity because it helped make him the man he is now.

“I think any type of setback you have, any tough time you’ve got, getting through it is what makes you who you are. It makes you a tougher person,” he said.

“I think whatever you’ve been through in your life makes you a tougher person. I’m very grateful for the background I have, every tough situation I’ve been through because it’s made me who I am.”

Check out the rest of the interview, including Weidman’s story on how he broke his collarbone in the woods only to have his brother line up friends to punch him afterwards and then walk home, as well as about the day his brother brought other kids who wanted to beat Chris up, into their home, locked him in his room and beat him up together, in the video above. There’s also descriptions of other horrible crap Weidman’s brother did.

The kid sounds like he was a monster.

Weidman rematches Anderson Silva this Saturday at UFC 168 when he defends his middleweight belt for the first time.

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Demetrious Johnson open to UFC super fights

Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson trade punches. (Credit: Tracy Lee for Y! Sports)

Before Demetrious Johnson won the UFC flyweight championship, he worked his way up the bantamweight rankings and unsuccessfully challenged Dominick Cruz for the 135 pound belt. Now that he’s the 125 pound title holder, and looks better each fight, Johnson says he’d welcome the challenge of a super-fight against the bantamweight champion, whomever that ends up being after Cruz and interim champ Renan Barao fight in February.

“I think if Dana White was to approach me with a superfight and said, ‘Hey, you and Dom or Barao, whoever the champion at 135 is — we’ll make a lot of money if you guys do this fight,’ [I’d say], ‘Sounds good,’” Johnson recently told Sherdog.

“Let’s make it happen.”

That isn’t to say that Johnson thinks he’s run out of challenges at 125.

“The UFC’s doing a great job finding the new talent that’s out there and signing them,” he said.

“There’s great talent. We’ve got a lot of guys on the roster now.”

How do you think Johnson would match up against either Barao or Cruz now? Has he improved enough to do better than his decision loss to Cruz years ago? Could Johnson withstand the power of Barao?

Let us know in the comments section.

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What UFC champs Anderson Silva & Ronda Rousey are giving for Christmas

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gejpYLcvtY]

What would UFC stars Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey give their fellow fighters for Christmas were they to take Santa’s job? find out in these two videos!

Above, “Spider” Claus reveals what he’d get Rousey, rival Chris Weidman (who he rematches this Saturday at UFC 168), heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, featherweight champ Jose Aldo, UFC boss Dana White and more. After the jump, “Rowdy” Claus details what she’d get Gina Carano, Chris “Cyborg”, Georges St. Pierre and more for Christmas.

Video: ‘Rowdy’ Claus is coming to town

What would you get your favorite UFC stars for the holidays if you could? Let us know in the comments section.

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cc-studios: On today’s new episode of This Is Not Happening,…

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On today’s new episode of This Is Not Happening, Joe Rogan divulges dirty details about the time he and an anonymous UFC fighter hit up a regrettable backwoods strip club.

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This Is Not Happening: Crazy True Stories. Crazy Funny Comics. New videos every Tuesday from Comedy Central and CC: Studios

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Vitor Belfort KOs Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32

Vitor Belfort earned his third straight head kick KO win Saturday night in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32 against Dan Henderson. This one was over fast as it took just over one minute for Belfort to secure the win over the former two-division champion in his homeland of Brazil.

For the first minute not a single strike was thrown by either man as they measured and stalked one another. Then, as he has done for nearly two decades, Belfort struck with sudden violence.

“The Phenom” connected with a left uppercut flush to the jaw of Henderson that dropped “Hendo” to the canvas. Belfort followed up with strikes on the ground. Henderson was able to get back to his feet but not out of danger.

The Brazilian struck next with a left high kick, also right to Henderson’s jaw. That blow knocked the former Olympian out cold and left him flat on his back.

The win is Belfort’s fifth in his last six fights.

At 43, Henderson has accomplished enough to be a first ballot hall of famer. He has also now lost three straight fights.

This last bout is the final one on Henderson’s contract with the UFC. The wrestler may not have a great deal of leverage should he want to sign another deal with the organization.

Chances are they will either offer him a new contract with a considerable pay cut or decide not to extend an offer to “Hollywood” Dan at all. Henderson is in a difficult position at this point in his career because he is still a threat to any given opponent on any given night with his wrestling skills and punching power, but he’s no spring chicken, has a losing streak and doesn’t come cheap.

Henderson had never before been knocked out the way he was Saturday but after 16 years in professional MMA, it may be time for him to transition out of competitive fighting.

Belfort is also in an interesting place in his career. Though he himself is nearing 40 years old, Belfort is red-hot, winning almost every time out in impressive fashion of late.

Except, of course, for when he faces champions. His last loss was to current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones when he was submitted with a shoulder lock.

Three fights prior to that, Belfort got handled with ease by then middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Silva is set to rematch current 185 pound title holder Chris Weidman in December, who took his belt this past summer.

Either Silva or Weidman will be champion in the new year and Belfort insists that he deserves a title shot. The UFC has him ranked No. 2 in the division in their own rankings.

However, Belfort has not yet erased the memory of his getting knocked out in highlight reel fashion in the first round against Silva and if Weidman were to beat Anderson for a second straight time, Vitor would not seem like much of a threat to him either.

Nonetheless, the UFC seems to be promoting Belfort as a likely future title challenger. What do you want to see the UFC do with Belfort next? Let us know in the comments section.

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