The Weird and Wild Costumes of Halloween’s Past

Image via Hi-Fructose

While we may have our zombies, pirates, and decades-inspired attire this Halloween, nothing quite beats the weird, wild, and downright creepy costumes of All-Hallows-Eve’s past. If you’re in need of a little last-minute fright-fest, or maybe looking for a costume to scare the pants off your nearest and dearest, look no further. These vintage Halloween photos will spook even the most stoic of Halloween revelers.

So grab the nearest chicken suit, and tie on that paper-mache mask, ’cause you’re in for a retro treat, these throw-back costumes simply can’t be beat!

Image via Cult of Weird

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

Image via Cult of Weird

Image via Cult of Weird

Image via Cult of Weird

Image via The Huffington Post

Image via The Huffington Post

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